Using Neon Wallet with Ledger Nano S
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Using Neon Wallet with Ledger Nano S

Using Neon Wallet with Ledger Nano S

City of Zion released Neon Wallet v0.0.7 on November 7, and it is now compatible with Ledger Nano S. You can also claim gas from the new feature also, good news for NEO hodlers!

Setting up Neon Wallet with Ledger Nano S

Download Ledger Manager chrome app

  • There’s a limit of 3-4 apps on your ledger so choose the apps you want wisely. If not you can buy another ledger to serve as backup + other coins
  • Download Neo app from Ledger Manager
  • Download Neon Wallet v0.0.7 from City of Zion
  • Open the Neo app on your ledger
  • Launch Neon Wallet, and click on “Login using a Ledger”

  • Login to ledger by clicking on “Use Ledger Nano S”

Neon Ledger Nano S

  • Click on both buttons to sign a transaction, and scroll left and right to see transaction details



Enjoy the integration of Neon wallet with Ledger! We have limited sets of Ledger Nano S available, you can head over to to make an order. We are an authorized distributor for Ledger Wallet in Singapore.

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