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How to buy tokens in ICOs

What are ICOs? Initial Coin Offerings, or know as ICOs, are a form of crowdfunding in the cryptocurrency world. Buyers fund the project, and in return they get tokens on the project platform. ICOs have raised more than $1.3b in 2017. With blockbuster ICOs Kyber and Cindicator coming soon, I will not be surprised if […]

How to withdraw SGD from Gemini

With the recent fiasco at Coinhako (closure of SGD bank account), fans of cryptocurrencies are looking for an alternative to withdraw their money in Singapore. Following up with my article on how to deposit SGD to Gemini, this article outlines the process and time period for a withdrawal from Gemini. Initiating a withdrawal from Gemini […]

How to deposit SGD to Gemini

While CoinHako and Coinbase are convenient and easy to use, people are looking for a cheaper alternative to buy Bitcoin/ETH with SGD. This is a guide for people who are looking to buy Bitcoin at a lower price. GeminiĀ is an exchange started by the Winklevoss twins. Account opening and verification takes around 2 days if […]